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If the name of the dip confused you let us clear it up! On the very beautiful Mikro beach of South Pelion there is a large and impressive canyon 40 meters long. Its narrow passage, long length and rich life will impress you.

Up to 20m depth

By boat

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has no shipwreck

The place is only accessible by boat as it is quite far from the road network of the area! The entrance of the canyon is at this point and it would be a good idea to leave the boat as close as you can.


In the area, in addition to “Mikro” beach, there is also “Karavaki” beach, both ideal for swimming! If someone in the group wants to swim with wetsuits, they can explore the same coastline that you will be diving.


Entering the sea is no different from any boat dive. prepare the equipment and wear it on the boat or at sea according to your preferences.


Leaving the surface you approach the underwater cave-like opening and enter it. Throughout your journey the canyon has a small opening of 1.5 to 2 meters and although it looks closed it is not a cave as there is visual contact with the open surface. If you still feel uncomfortable, follow the path outside the canyon with the coast on your right shoulder. The depth in the gorge varies from 6 to 10 meters.

On your way out you follow a course to the right, with the coast on your right shoulder. the maximum depth is 16 to 17 meters so you have plenty of time to explore. The morphology of the terrain consists of steep rocks ending in sand dunes and Poseidonias. Sufficient life and satisfactory visibility.

PS: At “Mikro” beach and the Mikro Beach Hotel, Antonis can give you more information about diving and the beauties of the area!


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