Few cities in Greece have a diving site 3 km from their center. Nireas is the closest option for a nice dive in Volos.
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Few cities in Greece have a diving site 3 km from their center. Nireas is the closest option for a nice dive in Volos.

Up to 20m depth, Up to 30m depth

By car, By 4x4, By boat

Up to 10m of swimming

Ideal for swimming

It has no shipwreck

Leave your car and go down the steps.


The beach of Nireas is named after the local winter swimmers’ association that maintains a well-kept area with benches in front of the beach, ideal for getting ready. The beach is also perfect for your non-diving friends.


The beach is small and you may meet several swimmers. Enter the sea carefully, perform your pre-dive check and you can start your dive directly, as no swimming is needed.


The beach deepens sharply and very soon you will meet the wall. The wall at this point starts at 15 meters and deepens up to 27. You can adjust your dive according to your level and experience. If you are an Open Water diver you can stay on the top side, while the more experienced divers can go down to explore the bottom side as well.

The usual route is to the left where the wall continues for several meters and ends at a place with crushed rocks. The right side of the wall is shorter, ending in a sandy spot. If you swim a little more you will be led to another nearby reef with several rocks and marine life.

The area has plenty of marine life, as most of the time there is no fishing activity. Springs, often visible, flow into the spot, a phenomenon that significantly reduces visibility.

Another noteworthy point of the area is the special shape of the sponges. Especially in the last part of the right side, every few meters you meet a different “creation” of nature.

Check your manometers often and start the ascent when you have consumed half the air. Choose a shallower route that will allow you to make your safety stop as you return.


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