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The rocky, sheer cliffs of Proti Island rise unwelcomingly above the waves for every traveler who approaches them. However, it is precisely this morphology that makes them particularly intriguing for the discerning diver. A characteristic feature of this morphology is the Blue Hole, an underwater tunnel that penetrates a small promontory on the western side of the island, facing the Ionian Sea.

Up to 20m depth

By boat

Up to 50m of swimming

No amenities

It has no shipwreck

The diving site is accessible only by boat. The nearest port is the small harbor of Marathos (or Marathopolis), about 2-3 kilometers away. If you have your own boat, it’s advisable to check the weather forecast and sea conditions since the diving site is exposed to the weather and winds of the Ionian Sea. A practical rule of thumb (though not absolute) is that the waves you encounter at the entrance of Marathos harbor are similar to those at the Blue Hole. Mornings are preferable for your dive, as the weather tends to freshen up from noon onwards.


The steep, almost vertical cliffs of the island form a small cove at the diving site. There is no infrastructure, as the entire island is uninhabited (except for the monastery of Gorgopigi on the other side of the island, which opens a few times a year, and some occasional shepherds). Non-diving passengers on your boat, if they are good swimmers, can enjoy swimming or snorkeling around the boat.


You enter the water from the boat with either a back roll or a giant stride, depending on the size of your boat and the distance from the sea surface.


The Blue Hole is located on the northern side of the cove (i.e., to your left if you face the island’s coast) at a depth of 7-7.50 meters, accessible to divers of all levels. After swimming for 10-20 meters, you will see the entrance of the tunnel and the blue sea beyond it. Divers enter the tunnel one after the other. Its dimensions are spacious enough for a diver to comfortably traverse its approximately 20 meters length without touching its walls. However, be prepared for currents if the sea surface is rough. Upon exiting the Blue Hole, you can turn left and continue westward, exploring the underwater walls and seabed depending on air reserves, endurance, and certification (the island’s coast meets the sandy bottom at depths exceeding 30 meters). Your return journey can be made by following the reverse route, passing through the Blue Hole again to end up at the starting cove, where you can also make your safety stop.


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