An ideal combination of a beautiful dive and an amazing beach
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An ideal combination of a beautiful dive and an amazing beach awaits just under an hour from Athens and two hours from Patras in Mylokopi.

Up to 30m depth, Up to 40 m depth

By 4x4

Up to 50m of swimming

No amenities

It has no shipwreck

To get there, you’ll navigate a rough dirt road of about two kilometers. Ensure you have a suitable vehicle to approach the beach and park as close to the shoreline as possible.


A beautiful sandy beach, interspersed with large rocks, is ideal for families. Abundant natural shade is provided by the pine trees, and the sea is often sheltered from waves within the bay.


Enter the water from the middle of the beach, swim until you reach a point, roughly in line with the large rock, where the seabed becomes shallow again as you encounter a small wall. In case you encounter a surge, find a slightly deeper spot to bypass this obstacle, as a large wave could forcefully push you into the rock. Once past this minor hindrance, a large and imposing wall lies ahead.


Most divers prefer the left side (with the wall on your left shoulder). The depth reaches 25 meters, but venturing away from the wall can easily take you beyond 30 meters. The area offers ample opportunities for exploration. Exercise caution on your return, as the wall extends from end to end along the beach, and it’s easy to lose the exit point. It’s advisable to mark a visual reference point at the beginning of the dive to aid in your return.


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