Very Interesting and Shallow Cavern!
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Very Interesting and Shallow Cavern!

Up to 20m depth

By car

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has no shipwreck

We stop at the location Linos as soon as we spot the beach of the same name (visible from the road). There is a stone fountain and scattered large stones (bollards) placed by the Municipality. We do not park on the dirt road that leads to the sand because someone might block our way out, and it also hinders people’s access to the shore.


One of the smallest sandy beaches on the island facing Northeast and usually has quite a bit of wave action.

Access by car is very easy, with sand both inside and outside, while there are also pebble areas.

It is not organized, but it is on the main road that gives us access to cafes and supermarkets within 5′ by car.


From the point where we park (Near the main road next to the stone fountain), we will walk about 70 meters. Alternatively, if there is a 4×4, we can drive in reverse for about 30 meters from the water.

The best way is to walk with our equipment ready to enter the water. This way, we avoid our equipment touching the sand. When the water reaches our waist, we can put on our fins.

Alternatively, we wear our fins where the wave breaks and move with our back and inflated BCD.


An ideal spot for a repetitive dive if one or two dives have preceded it on the same day, due to its shallow depth.

It is recommended mainly for days with South-Southwest wind or relative calm.

After entering the water, we move east, keeping the rocks to our right.

After about 50 meters to the east, we will encounter a large sandy area, and after passing it, we will encounter another underwater cave. The use of a compass is essential.

The highlights of the dive include a shallow cavern (about 6 meters) with an open ceiling that allows light to pass through and illuminate a part of the room, as well as another shallower swim through with entrance and exit.


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Βασίλης Τράκος

Ο Βασίλης Τράκος είναι Instructor Trainer της SSI και ασχολείται με τις καταδύσεις από το 2006. Έχει εργαστεί στις Μαλδίβες, το Μπαλί και την Ταϊλάνδη. Από το 2014 διατηρεί σχολή καταδύσεων με έδρα το νησί της Σκύρου.


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