The 85-meter-long cargo ship "Volos" was built in 1902 and sank after hitting "Lefteris" reef in February 1931.
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The 85-meter-long cargo ship “Volos” was built in 1902 and sank after hitting “Lefteris” reef in February 1931. A few years later, during the German occupation, the Austrian biologist Hans Haas shot a large part of his documentary “Man and Sharks” in the specific wreck that was then emerging.

Up to 40 m depth, 40+m depth

By boat

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has a shipwreck

The reef is accessed only by boat. There are many currents in the area and it is recommended to have people on board in case the weather changes.


If there are friends with you that will not dive they can swim with their mask, as the reef, even in the shallows, offers very beautiful scenery.


We suggest you prepare your equipment on the boat or even better before and enter the sea all together. Perform your checks and head to the side of the lighthouse facing Skiathos.


Dive in a northeast direction with the lighthouse and shallow parts on your left shoulder. Go into the blue, always keeping eye contact with the walls on your left. The first pieces of the wreck will begin to appear, along with some parts of the bridge. Continue for a little longer and slowly the huge volume of the wreck will start to appear. The wreck starts at 34 meters, where you can find the point where it was cut in half and you can see the tear in the sheet metal. Continue based on your experience and your diving plan, avoiding excesses. The good visibility that usually prevails in the area can give you a good look of the shipwreck even at 34 meters. The ship has sunk with its deck tilting to the right and the bow part at a depth of 57 meters.

If there are currents in the area, factor them in for the time you will need to ascend. If you have exceeded time zero, make the necessary stops. Around the reef you will definitely find a quiet place for your stop.



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Κώστας Μενεμενόγλου

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