One of the best spots for shore diving when there is a strong North wind. Excellent Night Dive!
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One of the best diving spots on the coast, especially when the strong northern wind, Boreas, is blowing.

Excellent for night dives!

Up to 20m depth

By car

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has no shipwreck

While at the Linaria Harbor, head towards the slide, pass the carnagio, and reach the preparation area, just 5 meters from the sea. In the summer, the space is used as an extension of the harbor parking, which may make access to the sea challenging.


Despite its proximity to the harbor, the beach is used for swimming and snorkeling. Pay attention to the boundaries of the anchorage marked by numbered buoys.


After parking close to the beach, choose to walk into the water until it covers your waist to put on your diving boots.

Be cautious of ropes tying small boats and sea urchins.

An alternative entry into the water is through the slide, but with great care and a fully inflated BCD. After the first 6-7 meters heading south, the water depth is already 3-4 meters.


Exceptional biodiversity at this spot, due to the absence of large fishing tools (trawls, etc.).

Spiral tube worms, nudibranchs, and lobsters are abundant, while encounters with various types of nudibranchs are highly likely.

Night diving is one of the best in Greece!

In the first half of the dive, stick to the shallow part on our right, and after covering about 60-70 meters, return to the shallow part on our left.


<a href="https://www.divelog.gr/author/vasilistrakos/?lang=en" target="_self">Βασίλης Τράκος</a>

Βασίλης Τράκος

Ο Βασίλης Τράκος είναι Instructor Trainer της SSI και ασχολείται με τις καταδύσεις από το 2006. Έχει εργαστεί στις Μαλδίβες, το Μπαλί και την Ταϊλάνδη. Από το 2014 διατηρεί σχολή καταδύσεων με έδρα το νησί της Σκύρου.


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