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We do not know if the ship owner and captain of the motor ship "Kali Tichi" (Good Luck) expected his ship to have such an end, but the divers who visit it certainly feel lucky.
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We do not know if the ship owner and captain of the motor ship “Kali Tichi” (Good Luck) expected his ship to have such an end, but the divers who visit it certainly feel lucky.

The ship was built in 1917 in the Netherlands and embarked on its last voyage in the summer of 1975, carrying 230 tons of steel from the industrial steel plant of Volos to Crete. An influx of water was detected on the ship and its captain approached the port of Agia Kyriaki in an attempt to repair the damage. Despite the efforts of the crew, the ship finally sank a few meters from the pier.

Up to 20m depth

By car, By 4x4, By boat

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has no shipwreck

It is probably the only place in Greece where you can park your car 5 meters from a shipwreck! It is also located 30 meters from the port authorities of Agia Kyriaki so you should inform them before diving, as the wreck is essentially located in the port.


Although it cannot be described as a beach, your non-diving friends will find swimming exciting, as they will be able to see with their masks a shipwreck that almost rests on the surface.


Walk to the entry point, prepare the equipment and enter the water with a “Giant Leap” or from the wooden pier. The ship is visible from the entry point and essentially starts 1 meter below the surface of the sea.


Maximum depth of the ship is 18 meters making it accessible even for beginners, while due to the shallow depth the shipwreck is “bathed” in light, especially at noon, creating ideal conditions for photography.

Try to take your time and visit all depths of the ship, descend slowly and ascend even slower. The ship is small so you might explore it quickly, especially if you are not a photographer.

Like any shipwreck, it has several rusty metal parts, while some parts may even be sharp. The use of gloves and a full body wetsuit is recommended even in summer, while buoyancy requires attention when passing over the wreck.

There is no fishing activity in the port of Agia Kyriaki giving you a chance to see plenty of marine life.


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