It is a 110 meters cargo ship, located tipping to the right on a sandy flat bottom.
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It is a 110 meters cargo ship, located tipping to the right on a sandy flat bottom.

Up to 20m depth

By boat

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has a shipwreck

Reach by car the artificial port of Plimmiri. Continue by boat following a course of exactly 180 degrees for about a mile. The shipwreck is hard to miss, especially if you have binoculars, since one of the funnels is almost emerging, there is always a large orange balloon so that boats can steer clear of it and a smaller one tied to the funnel that serves as an anchorage for diving boats. When you are on the surface, the shipwreck is clearly visible to the naked eye. In case you use the anchorage, pay attention to the direction of the wind and the currents, so that your boat does not hit the funnel.


Next to the marina there is a huge sandy beach ideal for swimming with a very good seafood tavern.


You dive from the boat. The anchor line tied to the funnel continues all the way to the bottom, serving as a downline for both ascent and descent. At 5 meters there is a horizontal rope tied to the two funnels that can be used for a comfortable decompression stop.


Descending from the downline, you will find yourselves approximately in the middle of the ship, and since the depth remains essentially the same, whether you move first to the bow or the stern is a matter of personal choice. At the site there is a lot of blast fishing debris that has destroyed the superstructure. An opening is also visible at this point allowing access to the engine room. Alternatively, you can move a little towards the bow and go down to the front cargo hold. Turning back towards the stern on the right side of the ship (left as you face the stern) there is a door where you can also enter the engine room. In general, the shipwreck allows you access along its entire length and the divers of the area usually make two dives there: one around and one inside the shipwreck. Highlights: 1. The spare anchor about 2.5 meters high located inside the ship at the bow, 2. The spare propeller inside the ship at the stern, 3. Entrance to the 2 decks of the engine room, 4. Abundance of lionfish (since we are in the Mediterranean)


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Πάρης Σοφός

Ο Πάρης είναι εκπαιδευτής καταδύσεων PADI, IANTD, SDI/TDI και DDI (Disabled Divers International). Έχει εργαστεί σε διάφορα καταδυτικά κέντρα στην Ελλάδα, την Ισπανία, την Ταϋλάνδη, τη Σρι Λάνκα και την Αίγυπτο (Ερυθρά Θάλασσα). Για 8 χρόνια διατηρούσε το δικό του καταδυτικό κέντρο στο Νότιο Πήλιο.


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