In August 2000, the cargo ship Eurobulker with a capacity of 35,000 tons, sank in the South Euboean Gulf opposite Lefkandi, Evia.
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In August 2000, the cargo ship Eurobulker with a capacity of 35,000 tons, sank in the South Euboean Gulf opposite Lefkandi, Evia. Although the reaction was immediate, it failed to prevent pollution of the surrounding area. The shipwreck even today leaks fuel very slowly and for this reason it is monitored and cleaned. Fumes from the fuel are likely to confuse the traveler so the most sensitive ones should keep this in mind.

The 200 meter shipwreck stands upright in 35 meters maximum depth. Usually you will need two or more dives to get a satisfactory view of the site. This is the largest shipwreck that exists at accessible depth in our country.

Up to 20m depth, Up to 30m depth, Up to 40 m depth

By boat

Up to 10m of swimming

No amenities

It has a shipwreck

It can be accessed only by boat; however there are diving centers in Chalkida or the opposite areas, Dilesi and Oropos that can accommodate you. In case you approach the shipwreck with your own boat, keep in mind that it rises above sea water and you will find it in most sea GPS systems, as it is considered an obstacle in navigation.



Perform your checks and enter the sea. Like in all shipwrecks there are rusty parts that are usually covered in vegetation and this is why the use of full body wetsuit and gloves is recommended.


The shipwreck is extremely beautiful and fascinating from the first steps, as you face the bridge, the superstructures and the deck. As a rule, visibility is not good in the area, so be prepared for a low visibility dive. Places worth seeing are the iconic giant propeller, the cargo hold that was full of cement when it sank, the huge anchor that is still in place and the deck.

If you stay long enough at great depths, make sure to make all necessary stops. In any case make your safety stop at five meters before ascending. In case of a repetitive dive, make sure that enough time passes between dives and keep hydrated.


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