Buy Vs rent equipment

Dec 2, 2020 | 0 comments

You just got your certification and you are ready for more dives with your buddies or the diving center of your choice. But what about the equipment, will you continue to rent or buy your own?

If diving is a complementary activity among your hobbies or if you are trying to fit it in a busy schedule, then buying your equipment may not be necessary.

The cost of buying a complete set of equipment will probably run over 1,000 euro and with 5-6 dives a year buying may not be your best option, given the maintenance cost for some parts of the equipment. If you think that 15 dives a year is an easy goal, then the gradual purchase of equipment is definitely more advantageous. Of course nothing is black and white as you can buy some pieces and rent the rest. This option is also the most popular. Diving centers charge a certain amount for equipment rental that can range from 25 to over 60 euro depending on usage, quality of the equipment, as well as the area where the diving center is located.


A mask and a wetsuit that fit you properly and are safe in terms of hygiene. These are usually the first purchases a new diver makes. Boots, fins, dive computer come right after, while regulator, and BCD usually come at the end, as they require more market research. Over the years you will have to replace items of your equipment, either due to wear or because they will no longer serve you. But some parts, such as the mask, the dive computer, the regulator, are usually made to last longer.

As you become more familiar with your equipment you will gain better control of your buoyancy, you will be able to find your gear with your eyes closed and overall you will boost your confidence in the water, resulting in more enjoyable dives.


See our detailed guide for each different piece of equipment and choose the one that suits you best!


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