Print your favorite shipwreck!

Feb 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Have you ever dived on a wreck that left such an impression on you that you wished to bring it home with you? Or do you own a diving center and want to offer your visitors a more detailed glimpse into the underwater experience?

Holger Buß, a graduate engineer in mechanical engineering, specializes in developing control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles. He has been a diver since 1999, holds technical diving certification, and works as a diving instructor. Using telephotogrammetry and 3D printing, he creates precise models.

Lately, he has been focusing on the shipwrecks in Greece, providing 3D data for many of them on his website. Visit his website at:

Currently, you can find and purchase 3D data for the following shipwrecks in the Greek waters:

Burdigala (formerly Kaiser Friedrich) | PSS Patris | MV Pylaros | Kyra Eleni | Torpedo Boat KYDONIAI | ZAKYNTHOS | CS Retriever | Minesweeper NESTOS | Athanassios | Avantis III | Kaptan Ismail Hakki | Beechcraft airplane wreck | Lina Star

Explore his website and discover the fascinating world of Shipwrecks!



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