An impressive wall dive that deepens significantly, in an exceptionally beautiful beach.
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An impressive wall dive that deepens significantly, in an exceptionally beautiful beach.

Up to 20m depth, Up to 30m depth, Up to 40 m depth

By car

Up to 50m of swimming

Ideal for swimming

It has no shipwreck

At the time this article was written (Summer ’22), access to the beach is through a somewhat rough but passable dirt road. If your car is low, you might encounter some potholes, so the final decision is yours! You can park next to the beach or in the tavern’s parking lot, which has some easy steps down to the beach.


The beach “Sterná” got its name from a natural pool formed on its northern side. It’s a very beautiful sandy beach suitable for exploration with snorkeling gear. Besides the adjacent tavern, there are no other establishments in the area.


There’s no particular difficulty in entering the sea. After you perform your pre-dive checks, swim towards the rocks on the northwest side of the beach.


Swim towards the large rock. Just before reaching the tip, the depth has already reached about 10 meters, and you can dive in the same direction. Shortly after encountering the rocks, the large wall forms, reaching approximately 40 meters, while openings in the seabed lead to even greater depths if you venture further. Dive according to your initial plan and training, and return from a shallower depth. The dive has plenty of marine life and unique morphology that will reward you even in the shallows.


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