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How to choose a diving center for training

Jan 11, 2021 | 0 comments

You made the big decision (and good for you) to start diving, but you do not know where to start and what to look for? In the following article we will try to help you choose the right diving center and the instructor that will lead you safely to the magical underwater world!

There are several certification organizations and hundreds of diving centers operating in our country. How will you choose the right one? Let’s start from the beginning.


What will I learn?

The first level of certification is called by most organizations “Open Water Diver”. During the lessons you will learn to use your equipment and to deal with any problem that may occur during the dive, by performing a series of exercises in the water. At the same time you will gain control of your buoyancy so that you can float underwater. This is one of the many things that will excite you in diving. Upon successful completion of the training program you will receive your certification that will allow you to dive to a depth of 18 meters with your buddies or with the diving center of your choice.


Certification organization

There are several certification organizations that are licensed by the Hellenic Republic to train divers. The diving centers must be under the “umbrella” of at least one of them and you will follow their program to get the relevant certification.


Choosing the right diving center for you

Although organizations may differ, we do not believe that this should be the most important criterion in your selection. The most important thing is to find a responsible instructor who will help you become a proper and capable diver. To achieve this you can follow the following steps.

If there is an experienced diver in your circle of friends, consult him/her in order to recommend to you an instructor who will meet the above criteria. If you do not have any, look at the diving centers of your area in our map and see which one “clicks”. A bigger diving center, with a lot of experience and a lot of divers, or a smaller and more “cozy” one? Whatever your preference, make a first contact, decide which diving center suits you best and take the “Discover Scuba Diving” test.


Discover Scuba Diving

All organizations have a short introductory program of scuba diving called “Discover Scuba Diving”. Although you do not get any certification, you can have a first contact with diving by doing a little theory, some exercises and a shallow underwater walk with your accompanying instructor. It’s a win win situation! You will get a taste of diving and you will meet the diving instructors to see if you “click”.


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