Return to diving

Jan 11, 2021 | 0 comments

At same point we all have had to stay away from our favorite pastime for a long time and 2020 was such a year for many of us. In such a case, it is natural for someone to feel insecure about their return into diving and that is why below we give some useful tips.


Equipment inspection

Do a precautionary check of your equipment, especially since the regulator may need service. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and talk to the service center responsible for maintenance. Do the same for your tank, check if a hydrostatic or visual inspection is required. Connect your BCD and check that all controls are working. Check if the straps on your mask or fins need replacement. Finally, check the battery of your dive computer.


Select a dive site

Choose for the first dive a place that you know well and is not demanding. The goal is a smooth return to water. You may need some time to find your buoyancy and feel at ease with your equipment, so do not choose a place with additional difficulties such as swimming against the current or great depth. Your buddy should be aware that you have not dived for a long time so that he/she can provide calm and support.


Refresh Dive

If it has been too long since your last dive or if you had little experience before your big break, consider refreshing your skills. With the help of your instructor or your diving center you can do a revision of the basic skills, so that your re-entry into the water is done smoothly.

Whichever way you choose to return to the water be sure to take your time. Taking one step at a time, very soon you will be at the level you were before you stopped diving.


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