Choosing a wetsuit

Jan 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Choosing the right wetsuit is very important and is usually one of the first purchases.



A layer of water is trapped between the neoprene and your body, which is heated by your body temperature creating a small insulating layer that protects you from the temperature of the outside environment. It is of paramount importance that your wetsuit fits you properly. Despite the fact that a larger suit is easier to wear, it results in a lot of water circulating in it and therefore the insulation mentioned above cannot be achieved.



The thickness of the wetsuit is measured in mm. In Greece most wetsuits range from 3 to 7 mm, with the majority of the wetsuits sold being 5 mm. As a rule, this is the wetsuit thickness that one needs to dive in Greece, while for the colder days a vest over the wetsuit is enough for additional insulation.



These are the two factors you should consider when trying on a wetsuit. It should fit you properly, even if it is difficult to put it on, but at the same time it should allow you to move. If it does not fit properly on your body, fresh water will enter and it will constantly drop your temperature. Make sure it is not too tight around your neck and do some stretching with your hands to make sure you can make all the necessary movements that will allow you to have a safe dive. As a rule, the more upgraded the wetsuit, the more features and reinforcements it offers. The reinforcements are usually on the knees and elbows, as well as reinforcements on the back for greater comfort when wearing a tank or jacket.



Although the hood is considered a necessary accessory throughout the year, many choose to buy it separately and wear it depending on the season and the type of dive. Vests, which may have a built-in hood, fall under the same category. If you do not intend to buy a drysuit right away, you will definitely need a good vest and hood for the winter and spring months.


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