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Prohibitions and restrictions regarding scuba diving

Jan 11, 2021 | 0 comments

We hear a lot about what is allowed and what is forbidden to do while diving. But what does the law provide?

We read law 3409/2005 as updated in 2020 with law 4688 and we present below its main points.


  • It is forbidden to dive in areas:
    • with shipping lanes or anchorages
    • where armed forces carry out exercises or other activities
    • where hired motorboats travel and in 100m from their starting point
    • where prohibitions have been imposed by legislation designating marine areas as protected
    • where there are underwater cables and systems installed by utility companies
    • where prohibitions are imposed by the Coastguard Authority for reasons of safety of ships or personnel


  • Diving is prohibited for people who are not certified by a Recreational Diving Service Provider recognized by the Hellenic Republic
  • It is forbidden to dive one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise, unless accompanied by a certified Recreational Diving Services Provider.
  • It is forbidden to dive in shipwrecks that have been at sea for more than 50 years without being accompanied by a Recreational Diving Services Provider.


  • Certified divers during diving are prohibited from:
    • fishing with a spear gun or other diving gear
    • collecting, disturbing or destroying individual members of micro-flora and micro- fauna, as well as committing any acts that might alter-disrupt the ecosystem of the area
    • carrying underwater fishing gear on board, as well as fish or other animal or vegetable marine organisms
    • hauling up, photographing or moving objects of archaeological value
    • photographing and filming in areas where diving is prohibited without a written permission from a competent authority
    • diving without being accompanied by another diver


  • Every diver is required to:
    • inform the competent Coastguard Authority in case they locate objects of archeological / police interest or shipwrecks
    • display a diving flag on the boat that accompanies scuba divers
    • display a diving buoy in case they venture more than 50 meters away from the boat or they dive without a boat


If you want to read the legislation that sets the framework for diving in Greece you can do it here and here.


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